Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Playing to the Frat House'

“On the Erin Andrews situation, a quick thought for those who have asked: There are hundreds of women covering sports in this country who haven’t had this happen to them. I wish it didn’t happen to Erin, but I also would suggest to her if she asked (and she hasn’t) that she rely on her talent and brains and not succumb to the lowest common denominator in sports media by playing to the frat house.”
– USA Today’s Christine Brennan
So many things about Brennan’s opinion bother me; I don’t even know where to begin.

Let me back up and explain the Erin Andrews situation for the non-sports fans and the unread. Ms. Andrews is a legitimately talented sideline reporter for the ESPN family of networks. She also is breathtakingly beautiful, well versed in sports knowledge and as humble and cool as they come. She’s basically Cameron Diaz’s “Mary,” but with longer hair. It should come as no surprise, then, that nearly every man in this country would sell his soul for a shot at love with the desirable reporter.

Or… if you were a member of the twisted wing of society, you’d just sell your soul for a shot of Erin naked. Like it has with so many other beautiful women, this faction went to great lengths for an unsolicited view of Andrews’ body and somehow videotaped her naked in her hotel room. The full story is here.

There are multiple facets of this story, but I want to discuss fellow female sports journalist Christine Brennan’s take on the story. For what it’s worth, Brennan is a seasoned veteran in sports journalism and is widely regarded as one of the best in the business. But I can’t help but disagree with her stance on Andrews’ predicament.

To open, Brennan states matter-of-factly that “hundreds of women” cover sports, yet none of them has ever been secretly videotaped naked before – a fact we’re justly assuming is (probably) true. Brennan goes on to paint this scandal as a cautionary tale for others in the field, advising Andrews to “rely on her talent and brains” rather than “succumb to the lowest common denominator in sports media by playing to the frat house.” In other words, “You had this coming, Erin.”

Right – as if having faith in hotel room privacy is a cardinal sin. Or better yet, that she somehow at fault for being beautiful and interested in sports. Or even better yet, that being good enough at your job to be employed by ESPN is a punishable offense.

I’m still not sure what Brennan means by “playing to the frat house,” but this underhanded and nasty proclamation is clearly a result of misdirected bitterness. Rather than condemn Erin Andrews for being talented and beautiful, maybe Brennan should take up her beef with ESPN for employing Andrews.

Or – and I know this seems like common sense but – maybe Brennan should criticize the pervert sick enough to secretly film a woman naked.

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