Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boy meets girl...

I had heard pretty good thing about The Wackness, so I finally watched it last night. Without burbling, let me just briefly say I enjoyed the film.

When I got on the movie review sites, though, I was disappointed to see that the film generally received mixed reviews. Some loved it, some hated it and some felt indifferent.

One of the reviews said something to the effect of “been there; done that,” which with I disagreed. But I think I'm starting to understand what the reviewer meant.

The Wackness plays on a motif commonly used in movies:

The shy/nerdy/poor/naïve/awkward/conservative/quiet/innocent boy falls for the pretty/popular/outgoing/free-spirited/good/confident/rich girl. Match up one adjective from the first sentence with one from the second.Once you get that story line, throw in a first-rate soundtrack and you got yourself a Sundance-worthy Indie film.

While I agree that The Wackness capitalized on this tired theme, the movie itself was mad unique and I still love it.

If you don’t believe my little theory, check out the trailer for assuredly acclaimed “(500) Days of Summer,” which opens Friday in Denver. I'd pick "naive" and "outgoing" for my adjectives, and soundtrack is going to be sweet.

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