Monday, July 13, 2009

Faux Voyeurism

Tip of the hat to The Denver Egotist for this video. It profiles The Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis, which installed a "security camera feed" in its hotel bar and displayed live footage to create some buzz for the fledgling watering hole. As the video explains, the footage isn't real and was created by Barrie D'Rozario Murphy, a creative agency in Minneapolis.

Long story short: It's absolutely brilliant. HBO launched a voyeur project last year, which allowed its audience to drop in on eight fictional apartments, and my guess is voyeurism campaigns are here to stay. Unlike HBO's project, however, guests at the Chambers bar may have actually believed the feed to be real - making the false voyeurism authentic to the audience.

We live in a society that values voyeurism, yet ideas like this are seldom utilized. And while it's very doubtful the folks at BDM will ever read this, I felt compelled to give the Chambers project the CJ seal of approval.

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