Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cover letters in 140 characters...

A service provider in the UK is asking those interesting in a marketing position to skip the cover letter and send in a text to apply for the gig.

Good riddance.

With the ridiculous number of applicants for each opening, it’s all a game of chance at this point anyway – isn’t it?

After months of unsuccessfully applying for entry-level job, rewriting cover letters and tweaking my resume, I’m positively open to the idea of charming employers through text – or Twitter, for that matter.

What would my 140-character tweet say? How about…

Bright, driven, balanced, and low-cost wordsmith seeking challenging position in upbeat and inspiring environment. Satisfaction guaranteed.

I like the sound of that. What do you think?


  1. I like it, CJ. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  2. hmm. i like (begin italics) part (end italics) of it.

    Bright, driven, balanced, and

    ok with these:
    low-cost wordsmith ...

    hate "position" -- how about "spot"?

    LOVE: "in upbeat, inspiring environment."

    LOVE: Satisfaction guaranteed.

    hate these word choices: seeking AND challenging

    how about: wants

    wants a great spot ...

  3. I forgot to say that I'm not in LOVE with Bright, or balanced. I DO LOVE DRIVE. Driven is very, very good. Bright is a boy. Brilliant is a man. You know? Bright boy. Brilliant man. And balanced. I mean doesn't that kind of go without saying? But otherwise, really I am surprised you do not have a job yet. You really seem like the ideal employee for a creative place. Just a lot of bodies out there right now, huh? Sorry about that. Have you thought of freelancing much? And how about a little graduate school if you get desperate? Just my 2 cents. ;) colorado_music